Solutions Log

Amazon S3 S3 Content-Type with Transmit
PhoneGap Android Android Soft Keyboard Resizes Web View
iOS PhoneGap Hide StatusBar on iOS
iOS PhoneGap Remove Tap Highlight from Mobile Webkit
iOS iPhone PhoneGap Remove iOS text field input shadow
PhoneGap iOS Objective-C Open external links in Safari.app
PhoneGap iOS iPhone Disable Telephone Detection in PhoneGap-iOS
BlackBerry Kill BlackBerry Simulator
BlackBerry Upgrade BlackBerry OS
Xcode iOS iPhone PhoneGap Disable Multitasking on iOS 4.x
Fluid Fluid App for Co-op
Merb Heroku Getting Started with Merb on Heroku
Change Mac Boot Order on Startup
BlackBerry MDS-CS HTTP Response Code 413
Palm PhoneGap Delete App on Palm Device
Git Tagging
Objective-C Objective-C Message and Parameter Terminology
Git Dealing with End of Lines
Git Modify Previous Commit
Git Create and Delete Remote Branches
Git Auto UI Color
C++ std::vector Erase
C++ Return value of typeinfo::typeid
C++ _fopen$Unix2003
Xcode C++ Compile Static C++ Library in Xcode 3
C++ Standard IO
C++ Print a Boolean
C++ Error: C++ forbids declaration with no type
C++ Assertions 101
C++ Invoke Super Class Constructor
C++ Default Function Parameters
Ogre3D Setup Ogre3D Project for Xcode
Git Default .gitignore
C++ Compile Error: Precompile gcc failed with exit code 1
C++ Objective-C C++ in Objective-C
Git Git Diff
Git Remote Git Repository
Xcode Xcode Multiple Values
Terminal Useful Bash Keys